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with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week. >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone, i michele griego >> i am frank mallicoat, mitt romney is working to get his presidential campaign back on track after a leak to video that shows the republican candidate saying that nearly half of americans believe that their victims. danielle nottingham shows us
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that mitt romney is now trying to explain those comments. >> mitt romney is not apologizing for comments that he made at a private fund-raiser earlier this year. >> i was speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state it more clearly and effectively than i did in a setting like that. >> the magazine mother jones posted portions of his speech, in this clip he talks about the president's base of voters. >> who believe that they are and title to health care ... >> another cookie tells donors 82 state solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict is " unthinkable ". the opposite of what he has stated publicly. the obama campaign wasted no time going on the attack, launching a new fund-raising pitch to supporters.
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the white house also responded saying that the president represents all americans, not just those that voted for him. >> he firmly believes that what unites us is stronger than what divides us. >> president obama faced a similar challenge when he was caught at a fund-raiser sang this about conservative voters. >> they cling to guns, or religion, or antipathy towards people that are not like them. >> both candidates are scheduled to attend fund-raisers today. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> mother jones, who posted the video is a print magazine and website this year in san fransisco that investigates stories from a liberal point of view and is published by a nonprofit called the foundation for national progress, founded in 1976, the magazine was named after mary harris jones, a trade union activist in the late 19th
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and 20th centuries. that whole wing to video is on our website, check out on >> tonight there will be doing public meetings in san jose to address the city's increased violent crime. this as the police chief says that he is stepping down in a few months. lisa washington is in san jose with more on the crime data and how city leaders are now responding. >> san jose has had 33 homicides so far this year and that number is on pace to surpass last year's high of 39 homicides. that was a 15 year high for the city. both city leaders and the police officers association want to reduce crime but they're going about it in different ways. >> to meetings, two different perspectives, san jose city leaders and the city's police officers association agree that something has to be done to curb crime in the city. but they're using different methods. >> we have asked a series of
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questions, we want to make sure that we have the right numbers, you need to start from the right assumptions. >> in a study session san jose city council will review crime numbers like 33 homicides so far this year and an increase of nearly 40 seconds in response times to violent crimes. at the same time the police officers association will hold a community crime-prevention meeting. >> it has been so awful lately that it worries me .. >> the retiring police chief acknowledges that this is a bad time in san jose, and says that he wishes the officers' association representatives would be attending the council session. >> the want to put the message out there that is consistent with what we will be saying here. ours is fact base, but again, they will do what they have to do and we will be here to counsel. >> a board member for the p o a and a police detective says that they plan their community meeting before the council
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session and they are just doing what the police department use to do. >> people have known that this was coupled long before the study session. people are concerned about crime in the neighborhood and wonder what they can do about it. >> the burden is on the police departments to become more effective in their relationships with the community. >> and that city council session will be at 7:00 tonight, that will be held in the council chambers. the police officers association crime-prevention meeting began at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the ymca on south white road in east san jose. we are live at the san jose police department, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> in other stories around the bay area, an alameda county firefighter recovering after battling an early-morning fire in a san leandro restaurant reported just after 2:00 a.m. at the tequila grill in the downtown area. firefighters found flames and heavy smoke coming from the rear of that restaurants,
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investigators say that the fire may have started in a dumpster their. >> occupied protesters voluntarily took down their tents and justin herman plaza, there were there to mark the one-year anniversary of the occupied movement. police gave them until 6:00 a.m. to disassemble the tense. a police spokesperson said that the protesters were cooperative. >> the berkeley city council is considering a measure to proclaim bisexual pride day and if it is approved it would be the first of its kind in the nation occurring on september the 23rd each year, the same day as bisexual pride events in several american cities and it would be separate from gay pride day. bisexuals say that they're often shunned by the gay community. >> the space shuttle endeavor will begin a trip across the united states on top of a modified 747. and on friday it will fly above the bay area before making its way to southern california. cate caugurian gives us a preview from a place that had a
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big role in the shuttle program. >> ames research center i gave us a special view into space with the help of a former astronaut. >> it will go through the atmosphere and slow down on your way to the kennedy space center to land. it is quite a thrilling thing. >> record one of the five cylinders that astronauts use before going into space. the research center work closely with the nasa space shuttle program, developing different types of technologies like to teach field for several space missions. >> we played a good part in making the shuttle happened, that is the most important thing and we're not through yet. i think that we will see humans on mars in the 2013 s. the same technology that we are talking about, new inventions will come. >> helping to train astronauts to get safely out of routes orbit and back on land. we're told that these vertical
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motion simulators are made to scale and they are as close at as you can get to landing from space. the preview is gearing up for this week's big event, friday at 8:00 a.m. the space shuttle endeavor is expected to fly over. the event is free and gates will open at 6:00 a.m. to the public. >> this really gives you goose bumps to see it fly. >> the endeavor will fly to its permanent home at the california science center in los angeles. in mountain view, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> google has an unusual new interns. a movie starring vince vaughn and owen wilson is filming at the mountain view location and here is a picture of the film stars on campus. you can see them there. can you? >> not really. the movie " the internship " is about a 40 year-old salesman beckett's light off and then starts an internship at google and it is due in theaters next year .. with those guys, it will
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be funny. >> meanwhile they already made a cameo at the 49ers' came sunday and not only that, coach jim harbaugh had them and the locker room money handed out the game ball and took part in the team's victory cheer. no word if they will travel with the team to minnesota. but they should. >> i am thinking not. a bright idea to enhance san francisco's other bridge, the plan to light up the bay bridge and how it will bring money to the city? >> the fight to stop the publishing of photos of kate middleton, white the ruling was not good news for the royal family? >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. weather clearing out nicely,,,,,
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>> fedex said they are seeing a recession conditions in the worldwide economy that has stalled. the dow just up a couple of points on this tuesday. another day, another record for apple as shares are worth more than $700 for the very first time, this comes after selling a record 2 million iphones in a 24 hour time span. the company is still trying to keep up with demand and while most quarters will not be delivered until friday, some may not arrive until october. >> the bay bridge is about to get brighter and that is because of a new art display. here is patrick with how the city thinks it will bring in millions of dollars. >> this project is official.
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>> they raise the capital to go ahead with what will be the world's largest ltd light sculpture. the bay bridge lights project. 25,000 lights on the bridge. >> it is not just a bridge but a canvas. >> the installation will begin next month and cost a total of $8 million. 5 million already been raised through private donations and in march of 2013 the bridge will look something like this. according to their predictions, bring in $97 million per year in tourist dollars. >> they look at how this project could influence patterns of visitors to the city both with hotel stays and burning gas. >> how will this make $97 million per year? >> i feel good about it. the gates in central park was only 15 days and generated a quarter of a billion dollars. >> it is a piece of public art that will live on the bay bridge for two years starting march of 2013.
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>> if it will bring in as much as they say that my not leave it up forever? >> our permits are for two years and it is very important for caltrans in order to maintain their main and schedules. >> today the golden gate bridge district providing an update on eliminating human toll takers there. in december the new system will be turned on, to iron out any glitches. at that point drivers can still pay tolls manually but in february the conversion to electronic tolls will happen, drivers can use fast track or have their license plates photographed and pay cash later at various locations. passengers step up stranded at sfo finally made their way down to sydney australia. it has been a long couple of days. the united airlines flight could not take off for two nights in a row because of a mechanical problem on the airplane. passengers did find flights on other airlines while others took hotel and meal vouchers from united. a different united plane was brought in from chicago and took
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off about three hours ago. >> new developments in the princess although scandal, the big victory for the royal family and a fight to get rid of topless photographs of kate middleton. >> we have delays at sfo of over an hour, things clearing out lots of prepaid cards comeut pre-filled with problems.
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>> what are you doing frank? >> let's get right to meet guys. >> around the bay area we have a lot of sunshine showing up outside, we started out with plenty of clouds early on, you can see the breeze blowing as we look at mt. diablo, plenty of sunshine there and the temperatures just beginning to warm up. these numbers may end up cooler than yesterday but still not that. 68 degrees in concord, 50 degrees in san fransisco and 63 degrees in san jose. as you look over the bay, not that. russian hill seeing some clearing along the coastline, still some patchy clouds there and that low clouds likely to make the return overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning and it looks like we will be staying on the cool side for the foreseeable future. clouds pulling out of the bay and retreating towards the coastline but it is going to all
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moved back on shore as we head through tonight. low pressure camping off the coast line so that will keep these temperatures down for the remainder of the weekend. this is the last full week of summer. it looks like if you want heat, you can find in the central valley. 95 degrees in fresno and 77 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay not at all, comfortable temperatures although well below the average. seventies into san jose and 50s and 60s along the coast and '70s and '80s in the east bay and a little cool to date with lots of sunshine in the central ballet and the next couple of days were on to bring you more sunshine after low clouds and fog in the early morning hours. but we cool things down for the first weekend of fall, it looks like those temperatures will continue to drop and now you guys may say something. >> i just always want to talk to you. >> at least you want to. >> i was told not to ... >> ok, thank you. >> prince william and his wife kate have won their legal
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battle in france. a court ruled that no more topless photographs of the duchess can be published. here are the details from london. >> the royal couple was all smiles on the last leg of their south pacific to work and it is not just adoring fans making them happy, a french court sided with them in their legal fight. they ordered the gossip magazine to hand over all topless photographs of the duchess of cambridge and the court blocked the publication of more pictures. it will be fined more than $13,000 per day if they do not comply, the court called it a brutal display of the couples in commitments. on friday the magazine printed photographs of her sunbathing without a bikini top during a vacation at a remote private villa in the south of france. pallas' lawyers are also filing a criminal complaint against the on named photographer. the called court ruling against
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a french magazine a wonderful victory. >> at last there is a sense that we have a prince that is actually standing up for his bride in a way that charles never did four by and not. >> despite the ruling some say the magazine still one, the photographs were a huge sales boost. this man says that british tourist bought a lot of the magazines because they cannot get access at home. an irish tabloid and an italian celebrity magazine also printed the photographs. the french ruling does not affect them but it sends a message to anyone thinking of exposing the royal couple. these are the kinds of images of the future queen that the palace once the world to see. in london, for cbs news. >> a new study suggests that there is a connection between the epa chemical used in food packaging and childhood obesity. but researchers say that they are finding bpa causes obesity, most people have traces of the chemical in the body, studies
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found that children with the highest levels were twice as likely to be obese and those with a list of still researchers say that there are many reasons why children gain too much weight including a bad diet and lack of exercise. cancer has replaced heart disease as the leading cause of death among hispanics in the united states. a new report says that is not because cancer rates are going up among hispanic americans but because heart disease treatments are improving. the study says that it is also because most hispanic americans are relatively young, less than 55 years old, and heart disease tends to affect older people. >> the new season of survivor about to kick off, we spoke to a member of the cast about what it is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day will be local grown corn on the market. this is when they're at their best, around september. that is when the sugar is peaking. august is good too, but it has been so hot that the sugar has really come on to this corner and the flavors are incredible. a little bit of a shortage on the commercial corn but the corn that we enjoyed every day is still doing good. let's talk about collection and storage. when you buy corn make sure the a low variety is tight. the noodles are big and plant
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and close together. very firm and very bright. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator right away, to not put them at room temperature for too long. all that sugar will turn to start. the super sweet variety which is grown for us to enjoy, every day it is picked, a sugar will turn to starch and in seven days it is gone. so buy it and enjoy it right away. fresh like this, beautiful thing. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> survivor is said to return for its 25th season. at the season past compliance celebrities and show veterans and newcomers as well. i spoke to some of them this morning about what it is like with jeff kenseth and an m.v.p in the mix. >> let you know, you look around, and you have famous
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people, returning players and the newbies. they all lie about their life so you don't really know what is really going on. but the fact that there are all these different personalities plays so well into the game. i mean, if cbs had an inkling about how that would play out, it plays out beyond their expectations. >> they will show more suffering in tougher challenges.
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